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Villa Arch
  • Villa Arch

    This graceful bent wood arch was created for The Honeymooner, but will also accommodate a Big Dog Lounger, Deck Chair, Zero G, or Front Porch Chair just as well. Portable, rock solid, and attractive. The Villa Arch comes with 2 eyelag bolts and all zinc-plated hardware. All holes are pre-drilled for easy assembly.

    • Additional information

      The Villa Arch weighs 90 lbs. It stands 75" high and is 75" in length by 51" deep. It is a sturdy stand for either the Honeymooner double or the Big Dog single. When used as a stand for the Big Dog, the Villa Arch will allow 360-degree rotation making it ideal for busy patios and outdoor kitchens. It ships with a light coat of polyurethane. Best practices for outdoor care are either keep a semi-annual coating of water-based polyurethane, or let the poly break down over time and refinish using Thompson's Water Seal or other oil-based sealant.


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